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Auto World 1:18 American Muscle - 1962 Pontiac Royal Bobcat Catalina Test Car - Blue


Built on December 22, 1961, this 1962 Pontiac® Catalina™ was sold brand new through Royal Pontiac, of Royal Oak Michigan, and was likely the very first Super Duty to roll off the assembly line. This car was destined to introduce the world to the dominant power of the Super Duty Catalina™ by Motor Trend Magazine and journalist Roger Huntington. Driven by Pontiac advertising executive Jim Wangers, this car was put through a series of track tests in the dead of winter in less-than-optimal conditions. Still, the car rocketed from 0-to-60mph in 5.4s. Its quarter-mile was a sparse 13.9 seconds, at 107mph. Roger Huntington’s Motor Trend article is deemed one of the most famous Super-Duty Pontiac® performance reviews ever.

Auto World has replicated this famous test car in factory-matched Aquamarine Poly paint with the Super Duty powerplant dwelling under the hood. The license plates are replicated from actual Royal Pontiac historical photos!

Detailed Engine
Steerable Front Wheels
Accurate Interior and Chassis
Opening Doors, Hood and Trunk

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