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Auto World 1:18 Speed Racer Shooting Star with Racer X Figure


Auto World is proud to recreate an equal attraction of this anime series, the – SHOOTING STAR. This car is a strong competitor in racing and is driven by the mysterious Racer X, who happens to be Speed’s long-lost brother and now secret protector. This 1:18 replica matches its silver screen counterpart in exacting detail and comes with a bonus Racer X figure.

The Shooting Star is a very agile machine painted bright yellow with a powerful engine in the rear. Its driver, Racer X, is a secret agent, so the car is equipped with many high-tech weapons to fight crime. Onboard radio equipment allows him to communicate with a spy/intelligence agency. Slick pumps are in the rear to throw oil behind and foil bad guys. The Shooting Star can continue racing, even after losing a rear wheel. Some of the features shown on this die-cast replica are carried over from the original Japanese Mach Go Go Go series.

This 1:18 scale die-cast replica has opening doors, a detailed engine with an opening hood, an accurate interior and chassis, steerable front wheels, as well as, two product original features, the popup periscope, and telescopic claw. Racer X could beat the Mach 5 if he weren’t protecting its driver, Speed.


1:18 scale die-cast replica
Yellow with Shooting Star graphics
Includes NEW Racer X figure
Detailed Engine
Steerable Front Wheels
Accurate Interior and Chassis
Opening Doors, Hood and Trunk

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